Behavior/Behavior Intervention Manual Guidelines


The Behavior Intervention Manual (BIM) was developed by the San Joaquin County Office of Education – Special Education Local Plan Area.

The items in the BIM were derived from a variety of sources including federal and State law and regulations, scientific evidence, and professional literature. The BIM is as behaviorally oriented as possible. The committee included a Behavioral Specialist, an Autism Specialist, School Psychologist(s), and Program/Educational Specialists.

The BIM was developed to apply to programs that serve children between the ages of 3 and 21, on the full range of the behavioral continuum, varying ability levels, and in all educational settings. Some items may, therefore, not apply to every program. The purpose of the BIM is to provide a tool for schools or programs to evaluate behavioral services as a whole and to evaluate behavioral services provided to any specific child.

The advisory group strongly encourages districts to more extensively use Positive Behavior Support Plans, less complex than those generated through procedures associated with completion of a formal Functional Analysis Assessment (FAA) when appropriate. We see Positive Behavioral Support Plans as “prevention oriented”.

You may duplicate any of the forms, and are encouraged to share information that may be of value to other behavioral case managers and/or teachers.

Behavior/Behavior Intervention Manual Guidelines