Structures and Strategies

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Structures and Strategies is a series of three hour workshops over five days that provide support to teachers of English Learners as they design lessons appropriate to the needs of these students. Each session focuses on the demonstration and application of research-based strategies. Participants see examples of how these strategies can be applied in different content areas and grade levels, and discuss rationales for their use. Between sessions, participants incorporate the strategies into their lesson plans and return prepared to reflect with colleagues on their effectiveness. Coaching can also be an additional component to support the implementation of the strategies in the classrooms.

Day One:
English Learner research/overview
Key concepts taught modeling several strategies

Day Two:
Activating Prior Knowledge

Day Three:

Day Four:
Teaching Academic Vocabulary

Day Five:
Structured Interaction

Multilingual Education is providing participants of Structures and Strategies with templates. These templates are available by clicking on the links below.

3-2-1- GO!
Comparison Matrix
Effective Strategies
Give One, Get One
Key Academic Vocabulary
Leveled Questions
Peer Vocabulary Predictions
Sentence Pattering Chart
Venn Diagram
Word Study