Come Back Kids

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Come Back Kids (CBK) is a free, mostly online educational program that is offered through the SJCOE's County Operated Schools and Programs Division that can help anyone 18 years and older earn their high school diploma. CBK is an independent study program that allows individuals the opportunity to complete the necessary coursework to obtain a high school diploma through flexible, individualized schedules. This program will help adults who have wanted to advance in their jobs or education but have found that not having a high school diploma has held them back. CBK is offered through the SJCOE's one.Charter Academies.

Come Back Kids offers seven program locations in Lodi, Stockton, Lathrop and Tracy.

More information is available in the Come Back Kids brochure.

How to Enroll:

What to Expect:

  • • At least one weekly appointment with a teacher.
  • • Online coursework with program issued Chromebooks to complete online coursework.
  • • WiFi availability in all classrooms.

Individualized Graduation Plan:

Upon entering the program, students will bring their transcript to be reviewed by a counselor. Credits previously earned will be applied toward the graduation requirements for Come Back Kids. Students will complete only one (5 credit) course at a time.

Graduation Requirements:

To obtain a high school diploma students must complete 135 academic credits (including transferred credits):

English 40
Math 20
Social Studies 30
Science 20
Visual Performing Arts 10
Workforce Development 10
Community Service (75 hours)* 5

*Community service hours can include time worked at a current job, job shadowing, or apprenticeship.

For more information or to apply, please call (209) 313-2374.