Equity, Inclusion, and Access

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The Equity Inclusion and Access Department provides leadership and program guidance to the San Joaquin County Office of Education and the county’s 14 schools districts to ensure the sustainability of change initiatives regarding equity, access, culturally and linguistically responsive learning, and work environments.

Educational equity means that each child receives what they need to develop to their full academic and social potential. At the SJCOE, our goal a is to ensure educational equity for all students by:

  • • Analyzing systems to remove the predictability of success and failure for students that is associated with sociocultural factors such as race, gender, and socioeconomic factors.
  • • Interrupting and dismantling inequitable and oppressive systems, policies, and structures that create barriers to access and success.
  • • Educating adults to examine their own biases and work toward creating inclusive work and educational environments that recognize the unique and valued gifts of each individual.

Equity Tools and Resources