California Teacher of English Learners / California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) - Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

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Multilingual Education offers test prep courses as needed. ME provides in service training to assist teachers in obtaining authorizations to teach English Learners (EL).

California Education Codes requires a California Teaching Credential to issue certificates that authorize the holder to provide specialized instruction to EL’s. CTC has developed the California Teacher of English Learners® (CTEL®) Examination, which is administered by the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson.

About the Test
The CTEL Examination is composed of three separate subtests, which help identify candidates who have demonstrated the level of knowledge and skills required to effectively teach English Learners. Each CTEL Examination subtest is designed to measure a specific set of knowledge and skills.

To earn a BCLAD Certificate, you must:

1. Have an appropriate prerequisite credential or permit;
2. Satisfy one of the following;
•have passed, within the last five years, all three CTEL Examination subtests;
•have passed, within the last seven years, California (Bilingual) Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development (CLAD/BCLAD) Credential. Tests 1, 2, and 3;
•hold an Language Development Specialist Certificate;
•hold or verify eligibility for a CLAD Emphasis Credential, a CLAD Certificate, a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential with an English Learner authorization based on AB 1059, an Education Specialist Instruction Credential with an English Learner authorization, or an SB 2042 Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential;

3. Have passing scores from, within the last five years, the appropriate CSET subtests, as specified on the CSET website at (If you have already passed Test 4, 5, or 6 of the BCLAD Examinations, see the program transition information in the current CSET registration bulletin, also available at the CSET website).