County Operated Schools and Programs

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County Operated Schools and Programs (COSP) operates SJCOE’s Alternative Education Programs, Court and Community Schools, Workforce Development, Outdoor Education, and Print Services. Each department within COSP follows the philosophy of “one.

"Each individual is important, but it is when individuals join together and work as 'one.' that miracles can occur."


  1. the number denoting unity
  2. united in vision
  3. united in action
  4. attune to each other
  1. being the same in kind or quality
  2. a unified entity

We believe that...

  • All kids can learn.
  • Learning never ends.
  • There is a need to celebrate diversity.
  • Students bring with them their own reality.
  • As educators, we should be eclectic and flexible.
  • It is necessary to teach students to learn to learn.
  • It is essential to recognize the basic worth in all people.
  • There is a need to instill a sense of self-respect in our students.
  • Each student should be given the opportunity to fully develop his/her human potential.
  • There is a need to facilitate learning by drawing on students' individual strengths and learning styles.

  • Each student has the right to a physically and emotionally safe environment that is conducive to learning.