Procedural Manual Administrator Edition

The intent of these handbooks is to provide teachers, administrators and service providers in general with a comprehensive resource related to the most critical areas of special education requirements and practices encountered in the day to day special education functions they perform. The chapters are sequenced logically in the order issues are encountered or processes generally occur. See the table of contents for a complete listing of chapters.
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Table of Contents
Section 1 - Enrollment of Students Residing in Group Homes
Section 2 - Prior Written Notice
Section 3 - Independent Educational Evaluations
Section 4 - Private School
Section 5 - Response to Intervention
Section 6 - Procedural Safeguards
Section 7 - State Complaint Procedures
Section 8 - SELPA Support to Districts
Section 9 - San Joaquin County Regionalized Special Education Programs
Section 10 - Staying in Compliance