CA ELD Standards Institute Winter 2024

Dates: Jan 9 2024 8:30AM - Jan 9 2024 3:00PM

Location: Wentworth Education Center 2707 Transworld Drive Stockton, CA 95206

Dates: January 9, 16, and 24, 2024

This interactive professional learning opportunity is designated to familiarize participants with the California English Language Development Standards and their alignment with the CCSS for ELA/Literacy. An initial demonstration ELD lesson facilitates the understanding of how these two sets of standards may be used in tandem. Participants will engage in activities designed to deepen their understanding of the language, concepts, and research supporting the ELD standards and, most importantly, how they may be applied. This professional learning models a variety of activities that can be readily applied to classroom instruction.

In the following two days, we will present a variety of selected activities designed to contextualize and refine the understanding of integrated and designated ELD as explained in the ELA/ELD Framework. Classroom activities will be modeled, exemplifying the Teaching and Learning Cycle using an actual unit of study. Grade span vignettes narrating this approach to instruction will support professional learning. Participants will leave ready to begin planning instruction using the ELD standards in tandem with other content standards. 

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Posted: 9/25/2023 3:31:28 PM