Grading for Equity: From Book to Practice

Dates: Oct 18 2023 12:30PM - Oct 18 2023 3:30PM

Location: Wentworth Education Center

Ready to Take Grading for Equity to the Next Level?

For those who have knowledge and understanding of the foundations of Grading for Equity, join this Community of Practice as we begin developing a systematic approach to supporting our students in creating more equitable practices for grading. Any and all educators are welcome! Each session will be held in person here at the Wentworth Education Center. 



°August 23, 2023

°September 13, 2023

°October 18, 2023

°November 15, 2023


Register by August 4, 2023 and receive a free copy of Grading for Equity. Scan the QR code or click the register icon located on the attached flyer to register!

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