Best of County Art Show

Student artwork placed on display for hundreds to see

Monday, May 9, marked the first ever San Joaquin County High School Art Show. Hundreds of student artwork pieces were put on display in the Wentworth Education Center at the San Joaquin County Office of Education. All the artwork on display was chosen by school district coordinators and previously appeared in a school or district showcase.


During the show, three awards were announced:

-       Best of Show: Awarded to Joel Javillonar from Weston Ranch High School

-       Educational Foundation Award: Awarded to Morgan Peters from Ripon High School

-       Principal of the Arts: Awarded to Troy Fast from Weston Ranch High School


Along with these awards, there were other awards hanging from artwork around the room. There was one winner in each category of artwork that won “Best of Category." Under the best of category award, students could win first, second, or third place in the subcategories. We are so proud of all our student artists who shared their talent and passion with San Joaquin County and we look forward to seeing more artwork next year.

A special thanks to our Student Activities and Events department for coordinating and hosting the art show.

Posted: 5/12/2022