SJCOE Receives ABC Awards

Discovery ChalleNGe Academy, the A-Squad, and Assistant Superintendent Jane Steinkamp to be recognized in online ceremony Nov. 4

Please join us in congratulating the San Joaquin County Office of Education recipients of the 32nd Annual ABC Awards. They represent the commitment to service and devotion to students, families, and the community that is the goal for all of us at the SJCOE.

The SJCOE is honored to have been included with the individuals, programs, and organizations being recognized this year for their work for the children of San Joaquin County.

The Family Resource & Referral Center has been holding the Action on Behalf of Children (ABC) Awards since 1988 to recognize members of the community who have gone above and beyond for children.

You are also invited to join in the celebration at the awards ceremony, which is streaming at 7 p.m. on Nov. 4. Register for the event at

The SJCOE recipient in the School category is the Discovery ChalleNGe Academy. This partnership with the California National Guard is a residential program that has been changing lives for students since it welcomed its first class of cadets in January 2017.

The SJCOE has two award recipients in the Supporting Children Through COVID-19:

Jane Steinkamp. In addition to her role as assistant superintendent of Educational Services, she led the team behind the COVID-19 vaccine clinics for educators and child care providers, which distributed nearly 26,000 doses of the vaccine over 10 days in February and March.

Also honored is the A-Squad. Organized through SJCOE County Operated Schools and Programs, the A-Squad brings together school districts and community partners to reach out to students and families to reduce chronic absenteeism and increase attendance. This important work never stopped.

Posted: 10/7/2021