Hope Ventures On

Venture Academy celebrates the Class of 2021!

With the Class of 2021 at Venture Academy Family of Schools gathered on the soccer field for their commencement ceremony, Hope Austin delivered a heartfelt speech to her fellow graduates about the struggle and triumph they all shared during their senior year.


“Resilience and perseverance are a gross understatement for the power of this graduating class,” said Hope. “In the face of what this world has thrown at us, this graduating class has been able to rise above all of it and graduate with excellence.”

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented Hope’s class from experiencing traditional senior-year events, such as prom, grad-night, and an in-person senior awards ceremony. However, she is optimistic of the future and believes that this struggle will only make her peers stronger.

“The accomplishments in the face of challenge will be unforgettable. As we celebrate the end of this school year, I hope we can all look at the future ahead of us and realize that, with the strength we have developed, nothing is impossible.”

Before the ceremony began, Hope said that she was glad to come together with her classmates. “Although it was a bit odd to see everyone again after so long, it was refreshing. I’m excited that we finally came together to celebrate everything,” she said.

Hope plans to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara this fall, with a major in sociology and intent for law school.

Congratulations to Hope and the rest of Venture Academy’s Class of 2021!

Posted: 6/4/2021