Show Up!

Video provides message about attendance from Lavelle Hawkins

Lavelle Hawkins, former professional football player and current football coach at Edison High School (Stockton Unified School District) talks about the importance of showing up in a video produced by the SJCOE. (Link to Lavelle Hawkins video.)

It's important at school because it's important in life. Showing up every day is a skill that you are developing that will help you do well in class and with getting and keeping a job later on. Chronic absence can affect your ability to earn a living. Dropouts are less likely to succeed in a career. In fact, a high school graduate makes, on average, $1 million more than a dropout over a lifetime. This video was unveiled at the San Joaquin County Chronic Absenteeism Summit on Aug. 22, which brought together, educators, local agencies, nonprofits, and others who understand the importance of attendance and all came together to fight chronic absenteeism. Share this video, share your stories about the importance of going to school, and (most important) #ShowUp every day!

Posted: 10/23/2019