Spanish Language Institutes

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High Intensity Language Training
Participants can attend a weeklong immersion day camps in the summer. All are communicative-based models, which are based on the theory that the primary function of language use is communication and it makes use of real-life situations that necessitate speaking. These programs are for adults ranging from beginning to advanced proficiency levels.

High Intensity Language Training/Summer Spanish Day Camp
High Intensity Language Training (HILT) classes are full engagement institutes or set of classes, 30 hours over five days. Three institutes are held during June and July in Stockton and Sacramento. These courses allow participants to earn two university credits/units. Packing hours of language instruction is a true sign of what HILT classes provide, but as the following comments reveal, learning is always fun:

“I cannot begin to express how much of an impact this week has had on me. It has been one of the most educational experiences I’ve ever had!”

“This has given me more confidence than I had ever imagined!”

“The instructors are awesome! The total experience is excellent and I really enjoy the variety. By including culture, art, dance, and geography it gives an overview of the Spanish language and culture.”

“I have such empathy for my second language learners and their families.”