San Joaquin County Office of Education Campus Construction

As the San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE) has grown and changed as an organization, the landscape of the SJCOE Campus along Transworld Drive has also changed. The SJCOE is currently implementing a new Master Plan that will upgrade infrastructure and turn the campus into a more-cohesive unit while keeping up with much-needed maintenance.

The plan calls for a series of projects to be completed in 2016 and 2017 that will maintain and improve roads, parking lots, and walkways throughout the entire SJCOE Campus while upgrading underground, technological infrastructure.

Summer 2016

The 2016 projects improve safety and traffic flow for vehicle and foot traffic on campus while making other technological and aesthetic improvements.

  • Re-route Ventureland drop-off and pickup. Project removes portables in the Wentworth Education Center (WEC) parking lot, allowing for connection to access road on the north side of 2721 Transworld Drive, where Venture Academy Family of Schools –Ventureland is located. Before- and after-school traffic no longer accesses Ventureland from Transworld Drive. The construction project alters the route, so cars instead enter from Giannecchini Lane and exit to Qantas Lane. Please refer to the following map to see the new traffic flow. Ventureland Traffic Map.
  • Transworld Drive. This project repairs and repaves the main street of the SJCOE Campus, which requires maintenance.
  • Pathways. New pathways increase accessibility and better connect the SJCOE Campus.
  • Fiber-optic cable installation. Installation of new fiber optic cables will increase capacity and security of technology maintained by SJCOE Information Technology.
  • Nelson Center Entryway: Renovation of the plaza at the northern entrance of the Nelson Center includes replacing concrete and landscaping. It connects to a new pathway running through the new solar parking lot.
  • Fall-Winter 2016-17

  • Projects repair asphalt on pathways and in parking lots on the campus and install landscaping in the Nelson Education Center parking areas and in front of Ventureland, Venture Academy, Professional Development Center (PDC), and Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) buildings.
  • Summer 2017

  • - Projects repair and renovate pavement and walkways on both the north and south sides of the Ventureland, Venture Academy, PDC, and CTEC buildings. Landscaping is added to the north side of those buildings.
  • Project will make improvements to the Nelson Center.
  • Master Plan projects were scheduled to overlap with other projects to add solar panels and improve the parking areas near the Nelson Center. The new solar arrays and other energy-efficiency improvements are expected to save the SJCOE $500,000 a year.

    For more about the projects partially funded by Proposition 39, please click here.