Tobacco Use Prevention Education

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Proposition 99, approved by the California voters in the November 1988 general election, increased, by 25 cents, the tax on each pack of cigarettes sold in the state. The annual Budget Act appropriates funds from the Tobacco Surtax Fund for several purposes, including tobacco-use prevention education in schools. Of the Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) funds allocated to the California Department of Education (CDE) for school-based tobacco-use prevention education programs, the California Health and Safety Code Section 104430 (Outside Source) requires at least two-thirds of the local assistance funds be allocated to local educational agencies (LEAs) for tobacco-use prevention, intervention, and cessation programs in schools as competitive grants. The TUPE program provides funding for programs in grades six through 12 through a competitive application process for tobacco-specific student instruction, reinforcement activities, special events, and intervention and cessation programs for students. All LEAs that are certified as having a fully implemented tobacco-free school district board policy are eligible to apply for funding. Programs are locally developed, but they are expected to align with the federal Principles of Effectiveness, the recommended California guidelines for tobacco prevention in Getting Results and the Health Framework for California Public Schools . (Each county office of education is eligible to receive funding through the County Technical Assistance and Leadership Funds application to assist school districts within their county in program development, to provide staff development for school and district personnel, and to provide technical assistance as needed.)

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