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McFall School

(209) 292.2800
1810 Hoyt Lane, Manteca
McFall South: 1610 Chester Dr. Tracy

McFall School is a specialized center, serving students 3 to 6 years of age in two severely handicapped classes and 11 classes for students with the diagnosis of autism. Guided by the student’s IEP, all classes focus on self-help, communication, social, motor and cognitive skills. A developmental model of child development is used to guide curriculum with a functional approach to learning utilized as appropriate. Thematic teaching is a common thread throughout classes, as is an emphasis on language development. Head Start is an integral part of the school with children mainstreamed, as appropriate, to provide regular preschool integration. Mainstream options vary and can include co-enrollment in Head Start or inclusion model classes.

An Early Start Program is provided for children birth to 3 years of age per an Individual Family Service Plan. Services are in the natural environment of the home and side-by-side opportunities are provided at McFall School.

Seven specialized classes are available for preschool students with autism using a discrete trial format for delivery of instruction.

Redwood School

(209) 292.2900
3555 Wilmarth Road, Stockton

Redwood School is a specialized center, serving students 6-22 years of age in six classes. Programs emphasize functional curriculum with an independent living, vocational education and community based instructional delivery system. For the youngest students, motor development and communication skills are also emphasized. A variety of post-secondary vocational education opportunities are offered.

Young Adult Severely Handicapped

(209) 292.2900

Manteca Community
Stockton Community
Mid-Town Young Adult
Marina Young Adult

Manteca USD
Lincoln USD
Manteca USD
Lincoln USD

These programs emphasize vocational education and independent living skills. All skills are taught through a functional, community based approach. All students have a “work” assignment at various times during the school day/week.


(209) 292.2900

Believe! Lincoln
Believe! Redwood
Believe! Waverly
Believe! Manteca

Lincoln USD (2 classes)
Linden USD (2 classes)
Linden USD (2 classes)
Manteca USD (2 classes)

The BELIEVE! program is based on a Tiers of Intensive and Educationally Responsive Services (TIERS) model of Response To Intervention (RTI) for students with behavioral and emotional needs. The BELIEVE! program provides a positive collaborative learning environment with mental health and behavioral intervention services to individuals who experience challenges prohibiting them from being successful in an academic environment due to social, academic, emotional, and behavioral issues. We focus on social communication, cognitive, and behaviorally based processing of intervention. We provide pro-social skill practice so students can learn how to handle their emotions, take breaks, and communicate appropriately. The focus of the Believe! program is to help students gain the necessary insights, strategies, and coping skills, both therapeutic and academic, which will result in a successful transition back to a less restrictive setting in the school district of residence


(209) 292.2800

Colonial Heights
Great Valley

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