April 27, 2009

After careful consideration and reflection on a number of worthy candidates, SJCOE is proud to announce the 2009 San Joaquin County Office of Education Classified School Employees of the Year. This year’s winners are Deborah Chaffin, an instructional assistant for Special Education; Jerry Valentine, a Maintenance Worker for County Operated Schools and Programs; and Rebecca Hahn, an Account Specialist for Information Technology.

“These employees signify dedication and commitment to SJCOE and our community,” said Karen DePrater, Director of Human Resources. “We are so grateful to have such a talented and devoted group of employees.”

The purpose of the Classified School Employees of the Year (CSEY) program is to pay tribute to the tireless efforts of outstanding classified public school employees. In addition, it highlights contributions of classified school employees who are the support system and glue behind educating California’s public school students in preschool through grade 12.

California Department of Education (CDE), in conjunction with many statewide organizations, created California CSEY. Each school district in San Joaquin County will nominate one individual in each of six categories as follows: Child Nutrition, Para-Educator and Instructional Assistant, Maintenance and Operations, Support Services and Security, Office and Technical, and Transportation.

The recipients from San Joaquin County Office of Education and deserving runners-up are:

Para-educator: Deborah Chaffin has been an instructional assistant for San Joaquin County Office of Education for more than 10 years serving students at Great Valley Elementary School in Manteca.

“Deborah’s personal commitment to our programs goes well beyond the classroom walls,” said Kathy Skeels, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education. “She has a natural ability to work collaboratively with agencies to access resources that will better our students.”

Maintenance and Operations: Jerry Valentine has served as a maintenance worker for County Operated Schools and Programs for more than 12 years.

“Mr. Valentine’s work performance is outstanding, but what sets him apart is his commitment to and involvement with our students,” said James Mousalimas, Assistant Superintendent of County Operated Schools and Programs. “His ability to model the guiding philosophy of one. makes him deserving of this award.”

Office & Technical Service: Rebecca Hahn has served as an account specialist for Information Technology for more than seven years.

“Becky is an employee who other managers would appreciate having and currently enjoy working with,” said Jerry Springer, Director of Information Technology. “Becky is an excellent example of what a great classified employee can be.”

Devoted and outstanding runners-up include:
Jason Brown has been an assistant technical support specialist for County Operated Schools and Programs for 10 years.

“Jason is always willing to help others within the department even when the task at hand is not directly related to technology,” said Randy Gibbs Technology Coordinator II for County Operated Schools and Programs. “He has made my job both more enjoyable and much easier knowing I can rely on him at anytime for anything.”

Laura Chavarria has served as an administrative assistant for Migrant Education for more than eight years.

“Laura has the drive and motivation that would make any director happy,” said Margaret Salazar-Huerta, director of Migrant Education. “She is highly respected due to her ability to be a positive role model for young and old alike.

Alice Smith has been an administrative assistant for Advancement Via Individual Determination for more than eight years.

“Alice is an exceptional individual who is effective, efficient, and professional,” said Michele Badovinac, AVID coordinator. “She is viewed as our ‘go to’ person because she is easily approachable and always willing to lend a helping hand.”

Toni Ludolph has worked as an administrative assistant for Multilingual Education for five years.

“Toni’s willingness to help out exemplifies how she goes above and beyond her commitments to support Multilingual Education,” said Jose Maciel, coordinator for Multilingual Education. “Her ability to communicate clearly and effectively is evident; she maintains composure and is very careful in always delivering the correct message.”

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Posted: 4/27/2009